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. >>> north korea is warning the u.s. its nuclear test overnight was just a first response to u.s. threats. the north says there could be, quote, second and third measures of greater intensity. right now the united nations security council is holding an emergency meeting on this matter. overnight, north korea conducted an underground nuclear test in the area. the blast was so strong it registered on the u.s. geological surveys a 4.9 blast. president obama called the test a highly provocative act. he said north korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles pose a threat to international peace and security. he goes on to say the united states will also continue to take steps necessary to defend ourselves and our allies. >>> taking a look outside right now. look at that shot. another mild start out there. but some more winter weather is on the way. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with the first forecast. good morning. >> it sure looks nice. beautiful sky over the region. we've had the sunshine since dawn. sun rises getting earlier and earlier, 7:03 this morning. a few clouds, northeas
of washington right now that limb pact you and people nationwide. the u.s. postal service just wrapped up a news conference where it was announced that saturday mail delivery will end. those aren't the only changes. angie goff joins us live in the studio to break it down for use. >> good morning. slashing saturday mail delivery is a big move that the usps must be done. here's what it means for you. starting august 1st, the post office stops delivering and collecting first class mail and letters on saturdays. however, they will continue to deliver packages six days a week. now, if your post office is normally open on saturdays, that's not going to change. however, u.s. postmaster general patrick announced today there will be hours reduced in 9,000 offices across the country. saturday service cuts would save $2 billion annually but they need $20 billion to close the debt gap. they have lost $41 billion over the past six years as more people turn to e-mail and online bill pay options. >> our new approach is based on a great deal of customer input. it reflects a strong demand for package delivery on
control of the vehicle. that's still under investigation. this bridge is owned by the u.s. parks service. i spoke to a spokesperson this morning. she said it is regularly inspected. none of those inspections raised issues with respect to the retaining wall as. this is a historic bridge built in 1932. we will be keeping on top of the timeline for repairs, let you know exactly when they happen and how they will impact traffic. when you close a lane on the bridge there are issues. >> a death of a teenager gunned down as he walked to school. ross was the first to be this year alone. three of the killings happened in the last week. at the same time we are expecting to find out who police believe murdered a 78-year-old woman this month. she was found in her home and died from trauma to the upper body. >> right now police are looking for a person of interest in the killings. virginia, take a look at this man. he's john wesley jeffreys and police want to talk to him. they won't offer many details about the case. we can tell you that jeffreys is wanted on several charges. albert haynesworth is ba
conducted its recent nuclear test because of what they call u.s. hostility. the u.s. is currently negotiating for stronger united nations sanctions against north korea for its nuclear test earlier this month. >>> right now search crews in kansas city are racing against time severaliarching for a rest employee who is still missing after a blast. crews are searching through the rubble well cadaver dogs. they are looking for the missing woman. a construction crew working in the area hit a gas line last night around the same time the restaurant exploded. the blast and fire injured at least 14 people. two of them are in critical condition. >>> tom joins us now to talk about our weather and we've had a lot of chilly air in the last 24 hours, haven't we? >> is the cold getting old? >> yes, it's getting old. as long as it's not raining too, though. >> at least it's dry, anyway. we'll look at the bright side. last night at sunset, a beautiful rainbow popped up. this was posted at nbcwashington.com. thank you for that. and this morning we had a beautiful sunrise. that's called a sun pillar
armed service committee, they are talking about results of the internal review on the attack on the u.s. consulate. four americans were killed including u.s. ambassador christopher stevens. ted, panetta testified that benghazi was on a list of 300 areas of threat worldwide but no specific warning of an imminent attack. >> and frankly, without an adequate warning there was not enough time, given the speed of the attack, for armed military assets to respond. >> panetta noted that the independent review conducted after the attack reached the same conclusion. >>> former senator chuck hagel will have to wait a little longer to find out if he will be the next defense secretary. members of the senate armed services committee decided to delay hagel's confirmation vote which was scheduled for this morning. that's because republicans demanded more information. several senators want more detail of hagel's business dealings and content of past speeches he's made. democrats say the move is just political posturing and they fully expect hagel to be confirmed. >>> what could be a grueling day for pres
they started the trip or if they were u.s. or mexican tourists. >> switching gears relief at the gas pump was short lived. the national average is up 17 cents from a week ago to 3:52. our region is seeing the price go up as well. virginia is the cheap nest the region. 14 cents. maryland has also seen an increase of 15 cents, paying 3.54 a gallon. in west virginia drivers are paying 3.63, 15 cents more than a week ago. are people having to use the gas? >> not bad. the only congestion is as you cross the american legion bridge getting closer georgetown pike. we'll head to 395 and take a live look as you make your way past duke. travel lanes are open. in the shoulder lane you will see construction in the right shoulder lane. let's continue across the 14th street bridge. no issues there as you commute in the district. no reports of accidents now. that's good news. barbara, back to you. >> thanks, danella. >>> it's black history month. today would have been rosa parks's birthday. and there will be a stamp issued in her honor today. welcome to you. great to see you. tell us about the stamp. how
're following a developing story out of turkey. a suspected suicide bomber has blown himself up outside the u.s. embassy in ankara. we just got this video of the scene into our newsroom. we're still gathering information, but we can tell you that the bomber and an embassy guard were killed. turkey's government is blaming the attack on a leftist group in that country. >>> and rescuers are using dogs, trucks and a crane to look for survivors in that deadly explosion in mexico city. this is surveillance video showing the explosion near the mexican build. the pemex building is circled where the arrow points to the explosion in one of the buildings next door. it was a very quick flash in the distance. at least 32 people died and 100 others injured. investigators are trying to determine whether an accident on a terrorist attack. >>> back here at the district. it will be an emotional day at the state department. this is hillary clinton's last day as secretary of state. asked what's next for her, clinton is rumored as making another run for president in 2016. she told andrea, she's not sure what's in h
for a three-day visit. it was part of his visit to the u.s. he celebrated mass in d.c. in front of 46,000 people. during his visit he met with then president george bush and leaders of the washington archdiocese. >> we could see sun this afternoon. tom kierein joins us with the forecast. good morning. >> still low clouds lingering over the metro area. this is what's been happening. we have had the rain move to the northeast. cloud cover breaking up. weather watchers are seeing sunshine near the blue ridge. bright and sunny now. winchester and the panhandle of west virginia, too, from charlestown to martinsburg, berkeley springs up to cumberland. all getting sunshine now. east of there, it is mostly cloudy. a few thin spots. a little sun trying to break out in southern prince william county into charles county. that's going to continue to move off to the east and the cloud cover should begin to erode. where the sun has broken out, winchester is at 50 degrees. petersburg, 59. stanton, virginia, at 58 degrees with sunshine there as well. we are still generally in the mid 40s around the m
'll be compensated pretty well, too. she could bring in $200,000 for each speech in the u.s. and as much as $750,000 in asia or the middle east. clinton will speak for free on behalf of causes she'll support. she will donate some earnings to charity. >> the woman is brilliant. >> and going to be paid for being brilliant. >>> news 4 meteorologist storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein to tell us about the weather. >> that snow looked pretty. >> tiny balls of ice bouncing around and video of that shot. this was about 9:00 this morning. look at this where the sleet was coming down in sheets and bouncing around and a little bit of wet snow, also, accumulated briefly on some grassy areas. but didn't cause any problems. the road temperatures were warm enough that it melted on roads and you look at what it did to these daffodils. this was a photo sent innen eb of our viewers. it is end of february and they were surrounded by a dusting of sleet and snow. our viewer tammy sent this in and those are brave daffodils. what a gorgeous sunrise this morning. in from chantilly, virginia. this photo sent in fro
an earlier flight. >> reporter: carriers like u.s. airway pros active this morning. shifting people headed to the northeast to earlier flights. >> i would like to do that. >> reporter: passenger also seized the initiative, changing their eye titineraries to get a of the weather. >> i asked my assistant to fly me out at 6:30 to be sure to beat the storm. >> reporter: it all made for long lines at airports. lines reminiscent of the thanksgiving rush. >> i'm a little bit surprised just because things haven't even started yet. >> i came early for the line. >> reporter: so you pecked this? >> yes. >> reporter: at reagan national, more than 100 flights were canceled today. more than 3,000 have been canceled nationwide as airlines brace for what could be an historic snowstorm along the northeast seaboard. >> i had a 6:45 flight out of new york, laguardia, and it was canceled. they switched me to a 12:00 night. i'm like, thads ridiculous. you know it's not leaving p so i just canceled everything, hopped in the car and booked a flight down here. >> reporter: while some airlines had some flexibility
for us, it's concerning u.s. markets again. germany's economy contracted the last three months of 2012. it shows the recession in the region has deepened. now evident in the continent's largest economy. jobless claims fell to the lowest number in three weeks. shattering economist's expectations. good news for the u.s. labor market. it's a deal that creates the world's biggest airline with the number three airline and the number five airline coming to the. amr, the parent of american airlines and us airways have approved their $11 billion merger. the new company, which will be called american airlines, run by current us airways ceo doug parker, will have more than 900 planes and 3200 daily flights. the deal has been in the works since august. american airlines has been in bankruptcy since november of 2011. >>> and warren buffett is putting the ring on a finger of h.j. heinz this valentine's day. the maker of ketchup and classico spaghetti sauce has said i do to $28 billion acquisition deal with berkshire hathaway and 3g capital. it's the largest food industry deal ever. heinz shareholde
a senate panel is examining financial problems plaguing the u.s. postal service. the postmaster general is testifying right now. just last week he announced the post office will end saturday mail delivers come august. he called on lawmakers to approve more funding to prevent future cuts. >> if we had reformed the business model several years ago, we'd be in better shape today. but if we delay reform another year or more, we may never get back to a sustainable model and will put tremendous pressure on liquidity. >> the post office lost nearly $16 billion last year and is expected to lose even more this year. >>> turning to business news, stocks are mixed this morning. let's check in with cnbc's kayla tausche. she joins us with that and more. good morning. >> good morning, keith. we do have the markets that are heading toward the red this morning on the back of the president outlining broad economic measures in his state of the union speech. the dow is down just about 63 points, still close to all-time highs though. the s&p is also down slightly while the nasdaq is up three points. comcas
call the u.s. capitol home. it stands about nine feet tall and in plated in bronze. it's the first full size statue of an african-american woman in the capitol. the official unveiling of the statue will happen next wednesday in statuary hall. president obama will speak at that ceremony. >>> and storm team 4 meteorologist joins us now with an update on the weather. you have some snow on the horizon? >> a little bit. some part of the viewing area had a dusting this morning. this is one of them. up in virginia. they got a dusting there. you can see on the railing, looks like about a quarter of an inch. that was early this morning, just past sunrise and yesterday morning, there was a beautiful sunrise on mesa, on the side of the potomac. if you have a great photo, post it and we will share. great photo there, dawn. here's another photo. i took this one earlier this week when i visited the jw ali school. yesterday, i showed you the second graders. after i talked to them, i talked to the fourth graders and they had a unit on weather and we talked about all the kinds of severe weather and i wa
pointed to the successes of the department, saying that it helped remove 250,000 criminals from the u.s. and legal immigration attempts now at 40-year lows. >>> police are asking for your help finding a person of interest in a crime spree that includes the murders of an elderly cup until faulkier county. police want to question john jeffreys in connection with the murders of nelson and ethel slack. the couple was found dead in their home near the plains sunday. police also suspect jeffreys was involved in a home invasion in fredericksburg. the 67-year-old homeowner fought back, hitting the intruder over his head with an oxygen tank. jeffreys may have suffered injuries to his head in the process. >>> meantime, it's back to the drawing board for prosecutors this morning after a double-murder trial gets thrown off the tracks. a judge declared a mistrial in the jason scott trial yesterday. scott is accused of killing delores and her daughter, ebony dewitt, in largo in 2009. a detective on the witness stand referenced scott's involvement in several unrelated home invasions. the judge said th
leveraged buy-out since the 2008 financial crisis. the u.s. government launched a civil suit against ratings agency standard and poor's for its wrongdoing ahead of the 2008 financial crisis. it sent shares of mcgraw hill, which owns standard and poor's, as well as moody's, it's rival. lower. >>> and boeing filed a formal request with the faa to allow test flights of its 787 dreamliners to resume. its shares are trading high they are morning. keith, back over to you. >> thanks, julia. >>> picking a shampoo can be hard, with so many choices out there on the market. dr. sheryl burgess joins us with advice. good morning. >> good morning. >> there seem to be so many specialized shampoos, tell me the truth. does it really matter? >> there are some special ingredients we need to take note. particularly a few weeks ago we talked about dandruff shampoos and even those use different ingredients, but when you're talking about specific shampoos that make the hair grow or that are used for say color-treated hair, relaxed hair or perms, then it does, it does matter. >> all of these specialized sham poos,
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